How to introduce measurements to preschool kids

Introduction of measurements to kids
Preschool activities

Five simple activities to introduce concept of measurements

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Basic Math skill


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Any household items- Cups, spoon etc., Ruler, measuring tape, kitchen weighing machine, paper, pen, hanger, two disposable cups, thread


Measurements are part of our day to day life. Measurements are basic math, and it is essential throughout our life. It’s good to introduce the concept during early childhood as they have a great vision while growing up. They try to incorporate measurements during free play, pretend play, and other structured play as well.

Areas where measurements are used:

There are of areas where we use measurements.

  • When we buy vegetables/fruits, we measure them and get them.
  • Buying shoes need measurements.
  • To stitch or to buy a dress, we need measurements of our body.
  • To build a house, we need measurements. and many many more
  • To conduct a running race, we need a measurement of the ground.

So measurements are fundamental skills to be known. Still am not well aware of few necessary measures. I am learning along with my daughter. We can introduce the concept with loads of activities during early childhood. Let’s have a look at them.

While taking the child to buy vegetables, inform them about the weights—no need to rush and talk about all the units (kgs, ml, etc.). We can introduce there is no restriction, and again it is based on the child as there are so many.

Measurement activities for kids

Let’s have a look into few hands-on measurement activities which we did at home to understand the measuring concept. 

1.Measure the items with ruler and measuring tape

Introduction of measurements to kids
  • Provide few household items and ask the child to measure them using ruler and measuring tape. 
  • Introducing various measuring tools helps the child to understand the variety and they can explore more. 
  • While doing this activity we can include the concept of height to the children. So, by using the ruler and measuring tape we can find the height of any object. (We can do others, but for this activity i have introduced height to her)
  • After doing this activity my daughter wants to measure everything . It is really a fun activity. 
2.Measurement using weighing scale
Introduction of measurements to kids
  • Provide few household items and ask the child to weigh them using weighing machine. 
  • With this activity we can introduce the concept of weight to children. We can measure the weight using weighing scale. 
  • Start with small kitchen weighing scale and we can introduce regular weighing machine to find our weight. 
  • Now she is using this measuring scale for her kitchen pretend play. 

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3.Finding weight with hand balancing scale
  • Take two same disposable cups and tie a rope .
  • Hang it on two sides of the cloth hanger. 
  • Tada!!! Simple version of hand balancing scale is ready 
Introduction of measurements to kids
Introduction of measurements to kids
  • Ask the child to hold or hang it over the wall. 
  • With this hand balance scale activity child can understand the concept of more, less and equal to . 
  • This measurement concept is more important.During my childhood days, even now most the vegetable and fruit sellers use this method for measurement back in my country. They keep certain measure stone on one side, say one kg on one side and the required vegetables on the other side. If both are same then it is perfect otherwise either adding or removing happens to make it equal. 
  • This is one lovely concept, if both are in same position both are in same weight. The one which goes down is more and which stays on top is less. Ask the child to add, remove and let them understand the concept of measurements. 

4.Concept of measurement using DIY worksheets

  • Mention a number and ask the child to draw a line with ruler. They have to measure and draw the line. 
Introduction of measurements to kids
  • Draw any item .Ask the child to measure it with ruler and mark the correct number. 
  • If the correct number is not mentioned, then they have to say its not available. 
Introduction of measurements to kids


Introducing the concept of measurements to children helps them to understand and explore more. Based on the age we can introduce the next set of concepts as units. 

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