How to calm down an angry child? – Positive parenting strategy

Positive parenting discipline

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Anger is one of the primal emotions as sorrow, joy, fear, surprise, and disgust. Every emotion is normal, and no need to be guilty about it. Getting angry is very common for any human, elders, or kids. Yes!! Kids get anger very often due to various reasons, which is perfectly normal. They are still learning the world and their own emotions. Their brains are still under the developmental stage, which needs more comfort to think and act further. Parents must support them through a positive parenting strategy to calm their emotions. Are you interested to know more about the same? Please scroll through!!

Positive parenting discipline

Things to avoid while handling an angry child

Distracting with screens-Mobiles and Television

If a child is angry, it is because of some underlying reason that needs attention for the long run. o    Angry children need support, not an instant solution. We can easily distract the child with screens and stop their crying, but it is not the answer for their emotions. We can divert the child at an early age, but the child can’t learn anything from this situation instead of a simple solution.  The child must practice emotional learning at an early age to handle them better after growing up.

Positive parenting discipline

Providing chocolates and biscuits

Providing chocolates and biscuits are also one kind of distraction that fails to address the underlying reason for an emotional outburst in children. whenever the child gets angry, they look for chocolates/biscuits every time instead of finding a way to handle the emotions in a healthy way

Take them outside to forget about the situation

Location change is perfectly fine to change our mood, but it needs to be done to calm down the child by acknowledging their emotions and not avoiding the situation all the time

Threatening them to shut their mouth

Threatening the child is a short-term solution to stop the anger. It does more harm to the elders and child rather than any good. It aggravates the anger instead of calming down.Please CLICK HERE to read more on threatening and its effect on children

Positive parenting discipline

Blaming or false hitting others / any item

It is always good to talk about the real scenario with the child instead of fake hitting or blaming others or any item. For example, if the child hits a chair, they start to angry/cry. For that, hitting or blaming the chair is not good. It is not the chair’s mistake, so it is always good to calm the baby with real emotions.

Providing solution suddenly

Whenever the child tends to fail in a game or while doing a puzzle, they get angry and start to throw things. It is good to allow the child to find a solution on their own. If they couldn’t do it, ask them and provide the solution. If we provide the solution right at the moment, the child loses thinking ability and problem-solving skills.

Ways to support an angry child

Hug/Touch the child

Physical touch is the first and foremost step for any emotional breakdown. Whenever the child is angry, ask their permission and touch or hug them.

Positive parenting discipline

Sit and talk with them

Whenever the child is ready, sit and talk with them. When the child talks, they feel much free from emotions.

Stay with them physically and emotionally

Sometimes, an angry child doesn’t want to come near us nor want a hug. During that time, stay connected emotionally by saying, “ I am here for you”, come whenever you want to. This support helps the child to calm down.

Name the emotion and acknowledge the feeling

As like adults, even children have all the feelings, and anger is one of them. Instead of teasing or getting angry, acknowledge their feelings with lovable words, “I can understand you are angry for something, do you want to share it with me”. Naming the emotions and acknowledging them helps the child to self-understand them

Allow them to express their feeling

Let them express their emotions in their own way. If they want to cry, let them. If they feel like punching, provide them with a pillow. Once they calm down, talk to them about the negatives and positives of their expression

Allow them to handle themselves

Whenever the child is in a breakdown and wants to stay alone, let them be. Allow them to handle their own emotions if they want to do it. It helps a lot in the long run as we can’t expect someone to be with us all the time.

Introduce calming techniques

It is good to introduce counting, breathing techniques, etc., kind of calming techniques to calm them without causing harm to anyone. Calming techniques helps a lot to handle the emotions in a healthy way

Positive parenting discipline

Support them wholeheartedly

Other than their own parents/caretakers, kids can’t go anywhere to share their emotions. It is our responsibility to help and support them in a healthy way.


Anger is one of the common emotions which everyone has. It is ok to get angry, but we need to calm ourselves down without causing any harm to ourselves and others. It starts from an early age, and our children need our full support to handle them healthily.

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