How do we celebrate Pongal in Tamil Nadu? – Harvest festival of India

Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu
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      Pongal is the multi-day (Precisely 4 days) harvest festival observed in Tamil Nadu. It usually falls on Jan 14 or 15 (First day of Tamil month’ Thai). The festival is dedicated to ‘The Sun’ god thanking for agricultural abundance. The four days of the Pongal festival are Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal/Thai Pongal, Maatu Pongal, Kaanum Pongal.

Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu

Bhogi Pongal

Bhogi is a day dedicated to ‘Lord Indra‘ (God of rain and clouds). People discard all the old unwanted things at home on this day. Houses are cleaned and whitewashed on this day and decorated with flowers, mango leaves. Farmers worship their plough and their equipment on this day. 

Surya Pongal/Thai Pongal

It is the most important day of the Harvest festival. People wake up early in the morning, take a bath, decorate the house with colorful Rangoli. We dedicate this day to ‘The Sun’ god for giving a good harvest throughout the year.

Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu

A traditional dish, “sweet Pongal-Chakkarai Pongal,” is prepared on the day, highlighting the festival’s proper aspect. Rice is cooked with milk and Jaggery in a new clay pot, preferably in an open area. In Tamil, ‘Pongal’ means Boiling over or spilling over.

Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu

We tie A sampling of turmeric on the pot. Turmeric signifies Purity. Milk is allowed to boil over the pot, which is a sign of abundance. Family members collectively shout ‘Pongalo Pongal’ with great happiness by looking at the boiling milk. At first, We offer The dish to Sun god along with Sugarcane. 


Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu
Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu

Maatu Pongal

The third day of the Pongal celebration is called ‘Maatu Pongal.’ We dedicate this day to bulls, which play a significant role in helping farmers grow the crops. People clean up the bulls, paint their horns, and tie flower garlands around the neck. Activities such as Rangoli making, Kite flying, bull cart race, and bullfighting are popularly named ‘Jallikattu‘ happens at many places. 

Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu
Pongal celebration in Tamilnadu

Kaanum Pongal

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Kannum pongal is the fourth day of the Pongal festival. It can also be called a way of celebrating Brothers. On this day, women feed the birds with rice and pray for the goodness of their brothers. The brothers also give money or gifts to their married sisters. People also visit the bank of rivers or beaches with family and friends and spend time together. 


Pongal is all about treating nature as our family and creating natural bonding within the family members. Farmers are the most important person of this society and we need to be grateful to their work every single time when we touch the food. This harvesting festival is great way to honor their work. 

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous Pongal 2021!!

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