How do we celebrate Christmas in southern part of TamilNadu- kanyakumari

Christmas celebration in TamilNadu
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    Well, we are all aware that Christmas is celebrated across the World commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. At Kanyakumari, the Southern most tip of India, Christmas celebrations start by December 1. Yes, it’s 25 days of Happiness here. We decorate the houses with Stars and lights. Are you interested in knowing this month’s festival details? Let’s scroll the post and travel with me to get Christmas vibes. 

Essential features of Christmas festival:

           We have some unique festival thing during this month, including Santa visit, People singing Carols, Smell of Citronella grass, Christmas ornaments shopping. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 


Christmas Carols start early in December. A small group of people visits all the houses by singing the birth story of Jesus. A youngster accompanies the group and plays the Santa role. We can hear the Greeting for New Year also from Carols. Some houses provide snacks and food for the group to show their gratitude. Generally, the Church, music bands, YMCA, and other Christian groups organize the carols.

Carols in India

2.Santa visit

Youngsters in Santa costume who accompanies the carols group provide gifts to all the kids. Generally, they dance and try to make the kids happy in all the way they can. They share sweets and wish them to have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. 

Santa visit in TamilNadu

3.Christmas Cribs

Youngsters gather together and collect Citronella grass (locally known as Tharuvai or Chukka Naari) from nearby mounts. They go in groups and cut these grasses and bring them to churches or the location where they need to build their cribs. The size of cribs ranges from a few feet to the size of a hut. The crib shapes vary and depend on the theme an individual selects. Generally, it can be a cowshed, hut, tent, multi-storied building, etc. It is customary for youngsters to build large cribs and showcase them to visitors from different district locations. Chukku coffee (coffee made with Coriander seeds, dried ginger, and Karupetti), baked Tapioca is also given to onlookers of these cribs at some locations. They participate in crib selection competitions as well. Apart from this grass, they use straw and pampas grass also in some cribs. Some even go to the extent to add fountains, ponds with fish and ducks, volcanoes, etc. 

Christmas Cribs

4.Christmas Decorations

On the eve of Christmas, decorations happen in all churches. Themed decorations attract visitors from different parts of the district. You can find a large display of Christmas wishes; lights arranged to look like birds and animals, etc. Trees in the vicinity are also decorated with lights and decorative items. Some churches take pleasure in displaying their Happiness of Jesus’ birth by showcasing hundreds of stars inside the church complex or on the streets. Some churches show a single large white star to add beauty. At home, people display decorated pine trees. 

5.Early Morning mass

Churches open up for service in the early hours of Christmas. Little kids participate in various programs-dance, skits depicting Jesus’ birth, and sing different songs.

6.Cake & Greeting Cards

It is customary here to share plum cakes and sweets with friends and relatives. Some people even bake cakes at home and share them with others. 

7.Christmas Night outing

Christmas night outing is the most enjoyable thing. People roam around the town with their family and friends irrespective of religion to see the decorated churches, bright lights, and gigantic cribs. 


8.Helping the Needy

Christmas is all about sharing. Many churches, organizations join their hands together to help the needy people with food, clothes and even built homes for them with the collected money. 

How do I celebrate Christmas with my little ones?


For the past two years, we are celebrating ’25 days of Christmas with activities’ absolutely to make the holiday season more enjoyable and memorable with our little one. With Christmas as the main theme, I have added 25 sub themes, including Candy Canes-Candy Maze ️Lights-Fingerprint Lights ️Santa-Make beard for Santa And many more. Each day we will be doing activities based on the theme. Relatively easy togo with the flow.


Christmas is “Giving. “A celebration without “Giving” is meaningless. Give more, Teach those little heart values from Beginning, Spread Happiness. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New year. Enjoy your Holidays. With Love- Butterfly Mom,Sindhu

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