How do leaves breathe-Photosynthesis STEM experiment for kids

STEM experiments for preschool kids
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We love going on for a nature walk in and around our apartment, parks, and many other places. Whenever we go, my daughter gets tempted to pluck the leaves, flowers whichever stays on her way. But I don’t want her to do that, so I regularly spoke with her not to pluck them as they do have life; they feel the pain and breathe like us. Since she is a kid, she always nods her head but forgets it the next time.

STEM activity for leaf breathing

I always want her to pick up the leaves, flowers that are already on the ground for any nature-related activity. Though she does it, in the end, she plucks the leaves as well.

Kids always understand everything so quickly if it happens virtually rather than hearing. Hearing words goes in the air but observing through eyes goes straight to their mind. But the idea of experimenting doesn’t strike my mind. As like me, another mom was also struggling, and she has posted this experiment in her Instagram profile, and I happen to look at the same.

Tada!!! We did that too. Thanks to the fellow mom.


Understanding plants have a life


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Leaf, lukewarm water, plate or glass bowl, Small rock or marble

  • Take a bowl/plate of lukewarm water. Immerse the leaf inside it and keep the stone/marble on top of the leaf to stay under the water.
  • Let the setup stays under sunlight for a few hours.
STEM experiments for preschool kids
  • We can observe the bubbles all around the leaves, which is said to be the leaf oxygen is released. We can explain this much to younger kids and talk about the perfect process of photosynthesis to older kids.
  • She enjoyed looking at this experiment, and she understood the leaves could breathe too. I hope she won't pluck the leaf and flower hereafter.
STEM experiments for preschool kids


It is a simple yet effective experiment to make the child understand this good concept. I hope my daughter remember this during our next nature walk. Otherwise i can very well talk to her . Doing such hands-on experiments helps the child to visually look at things and observe them very well. 

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