Homeopathy for Children- Guest Post by Poornima Venkatraman

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a German system of medicine found by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.Its a holistic system of medicine with no side effects. Homeopathy works on the principle that each individual is different and hence each person differs in their own ways to react to a similar disease.Because of this individualistic approach your homoeopath may ask a lot of questions before giving you the medicine.

Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy is effective in treating diseases in children. Homeopathic medicines act from within outwards hence cures the disease completely and also improves the child’s immunity and ceases the recurrence of the illness.It is effective in treating various childhood illnesses from common cold, tonsillitis, stomach flu, asthma, etc.As Homeopathic medicines acts on both mental and physical levels it is effective in treating behavioral and emotional disorders in children along with psychological therapy.

The emotional and behavioral development differs in every child based on their own temperament and their developmental stage.Behavioral disorders involve a pattern of disruptive behaviors in children that last for at least 6 months and causes problems at school, at home, and in social situations.All children will show some of the behavioral tantrums but behavioral disorders are more serious.Behavioral and emotional disorders depends upon the age, frequency and the severity of the behavioral issues. Certain behaviors are common in particular age, like bed wetting is common at 2years but uncommon at 10 years. 

With  case taking the temperament of the child can be analyzed and with proper homeopathy medicine and psychotherapy it can be treated.

Common myths about Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines

Homoeopathic medicines are usually in the form of globules i.e., small white balls, and dilutions.

They are sweet in nature and dissolves in your mouth.

As the medicines are sweet it is easy to administer to the children.

Homeopathy for students

Homeopathy helps students to overcome learning disabilities like dyslexia(difficulty in reading),dyscalculia(difficultly in math), dyspraxia( difficulty in fine motor skills).

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Comments ( 21 )

  • Hi Indhu and Poornima,
    Such an enlightening post, I knew only one point in this rest all are new info for me.
    Is Homeo helps learning disabilities, wow!!

  • Off late, I have been visiting the homeopathy doctor for my kids because she is new and has become my friend. Its great that i do not have to stuff anti biotics down their throat. But the thing is, my son went and had all the homeo tablets in one shot ‘because they were tasty’.

    • It’s great that you switched to homoeopathy:) Also please keep the medicines away from the kid as kids tend to eat them because of their sweetness but it has medicinal properties which is not good to take without any proper indications.

  • I am also a certified homeopathic therapist and I agree with that people think that homeopathy works only in chronic cases. it in only a myth. homeopathy works well, when symptoms matches. great post about homeopathy.

  • I have heard a lot about homeopathy and your post comes as a brief summary of its knowledge.
    I had cured my kiddos tonsils with homeopathy in his childhood.
    Thanks for sharing as I was not aware of homeopathy treatment in learning disability.

  • Hi Poornima,
    Great post, Is Homeo helps learning disabilities, wow!! It’s new to me. Is there anything that helps kids in writing.

    • Thank you:)For difficulty in writing(dysgraphia) it’s related to fine motor dysfunction and a proper case taking and medicine would help the kid to improve. Check with a homoeopathy doctor nearby.

  • This is an informative post. Didn’t knew homeopathy medicines can work in short as 15 min. Was having a notion that it takes longer period to show effect but treats the cause from roots.

  • Since my daughter was 6 months old i have been giving her homeopathic medicines as and when she needed them, She responds well to them and they are my first choice. A very informative post

  • Off late i have realized that homeopathic treatment is a sustainable treatment for the kids. It is easy to feed them for the sweet taste and then it treats the root cause. Have really found it effective. n u have written a very crisp article on this.

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