Book Review-Gadagada Gudugudu

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Gadagada Gudugudu


Above 2.5 years


Jeeva Raghunath


Jeyanthi Manokaran


Tulika Publishers


This book talks about some of the exciting traditional Indian games.

Mani was a little boy, and he was playing with “Marble rolls”. His friend Ramu came, and he wants to play with marble rolls, in turn, he gives his “Gilli danda” to Mani.

“Gadagada Gudugudu the marble rolls, Down the road the marble rolls”.

Then the little boy called “Kittu” came along with a colorful kite and asked for marble. In turn, he gave the kite to Ramu.

Then Kittu gave the marble to “Raja” and in turn get the smooth flat stone to play hopscotch.

Raja gave the marble to “pattu,” and in turn got the “Spinning top.”

Pattu gave back the marble to “Mani” and got the Gilli danda. Finally “Marble rolls” came back to “Mani” itself.

“Gadagada Gudugudu the marble rolls,” “A Gilli danda comes, and the marble goes.”

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  • I have got this book from an Indian Mompreneur. Am attaching her Facebook page for reference.

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