Fun Activities To Engage 8 To 12 Months Old Babies- Pulling Objects

Infant activities
Infant activities ( 4 to 12 months ), Kids Activities

Infant activities- 8 to 12 months Pulling objects

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Is your baby is sitting and pulling your hair?then he/she is ready for the next developmental activity of strengthening their hand muscles. The most valued fine motor skills are finger movements as we use that small part for doing much work in our life like writing, typing, drawing, holding things, tie a knot, and whatnot. For every other movement, we need proper and strong finger muscles.

Along with grabbing objects, shaking a rattle, pulling is one of the great fine motor activity which the baby tend to develop on their own.Let’s look into some of the pulling activities for infants, which helps in the development of fine motor skills. Babies show the readiness of pulling on their own ( Check for pulling your hair, pulling any cloth, toy, etc.). We can set up a few activities to encourage interest.

Grabbing is taking out an object without any hindrance. But pulling is done with some obstacle. Babies need to give little force to get the work done.


Vision development ,sensorial development , fine motor development


After 8 months

Materials needed

Colorful ribbons,These things are optional , use anything which is available. stacking rings, fridge magnets , building blocks, cello tape, magnetic tiles.

Using Building blocks:

I have my first kids building blocks and other toys. So i have reused the same. Buying these products are always going to be useful until the kids turns 4 or 5 years old. So , i highly recommend to get it.

Pulling infant activity
Infant pulling activity

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Using Colored ribbon:

Pulling rope activity for infants
Baby activities for 8 months to 12 months old
Infant activities for 8 months old

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Using Fridge magnets:

Infant activities

Other ways to encourage pulling:

Fill up different textured cloth inside the wipe cleaner box. Let the baby pull them out. 


Always look for babies cue for activity. We don’t need to scratch our head to invent activities. Babies themselves shows perfect cues. Following them helps us to plan for activities. This is one such and hope you all enjoyed my post about pulling activity.

Thanks for reading through. Have good time with your babies

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