Four Ways Of Parenting Styles And Child Growth

Different Parenting Styles

Four styles of parenting


Family is more important for everyone in this world, and so do for our children. Family is their world, and children learn everything from family members, especially their parents. As a parent, we always want to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for our children. Along with giving such basic needs, one main thing which helps them to grow positively and being a beautiful human is our parenting styles. Child psychologist Diana Baumrind listed the parenting styles in three categories. Later added the last approach. 

MIndful Parenting

Types of parenting

Authoritarian approach.

Authoritarian parenting style is “Follow what is say” or “Do what I say” attitude. Parents have the authority, and they see it as a win-lose situation where parents win always. The parents act so strict and always demands uncompromising obedience. Parents’ thoughts and desires come in the front by leaving behind the child’s feelings. Punishment is an all-time weapon for breaking the rules. Parents have self-respect and need respect from children without returning it.

Authoritarian Parenting

In such parenting, children lose their connection with the family members, and they can’t share anything with them. Fear takes over bonding and respect. However, for some families, this seems to be the right approach. The child follows the strictness and demands for obedience as a sign of love. 

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents may take up the role of friends and guides and be involved with the children, or they may be less interested in the child. On an extreme side, It is also a win-lose situation child win over all the arguments as the adult doesn’t take any power in their hands and leave the decision making to children.

Permissive parenting

It feels like children often seem to be dissatisfied with this parenting style as there are no limits defined by their parents. It is not always good to allow children to do everything on their own. 

Authoritative approach

Authoritative parenting style emerges as an alright approach as the parents always hear the child’s point of view and listen to their requests. They make decisions by considering the child’s justification. Authoritative parents provide limits whenever needed, and this parenting style is a win-win situation.

Authoritative Parenting

Uninvolved approach

Uninvolved parenting demands very little from the child and leaves the child to grow up on their own. Uninvolved parenting seems to be a lack in communication, puts demands to children, but fail to teach them, neglect guiding, and no limit set. They manage to meet the basic need of the children but generally detached from child life. 


Early childhood days play a significant role in human life. It has an ample effect throughout our life. Selecting and handling perfect parenting styles helps more in child growth. We have to be careful and mindful of raising a responsible human being.

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