Book Review-“Farida plans a Feast”

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Book Review-“Farida plans a Feast”

Book Name: Farida Plans a feast

Written by: Maegan Dobson Sippy

Illustrated by: Jayesh Sivan.

Age: From 2.5 years onwards

Publications: Pratham Books


It’s a story about a little girl called “Farida”. She goes out every evening to collect some foods. She always takes one lunch box and a big water bottle with her. First, she goes to her mom and collects some uncooked rice. Her next stop is to visit a vegetable seller to get some squashed tomatoes. Next, she goes to a tea stall and collects broken biscuits from them. After that, she goes to the beach to get some smelly fish from the fish market. After receiving all these food items, she then goes to a pot seller to collect some chipped bows.

“Guess what she is going to do with these items “. Ah ha!!!! There you go,

  1. She gave the fishes to cats. Meow!!!!
  2. She gave the biscuits to dogs. Woof!!!
  3. She gave the squashed tomatoes to crows. Caw!!!!
  4. She gave uncooked rice to the sparrows. Cheep !!!!!

And provide water in chipped bowls. How sweet Farida is? And what a great job she is doing?.

My review:

  • It has clearly explained the importance of feeding food to needy animals and birds.
  • It has bright illustrations from which even a small kid can understand clearly.
  • After the story ends, a few highlighted points are mentioned about the ways to feed such animals and birds.

My 2.7 year old daughter loves to read and hear this story. At this age, she can’t read on her own, but she somewhat understands the concept .I would highly recommend this book for kids ranges from 2.5 years to 5 years.

5 thoughts on “Book Review-“Farida plans a Feast”

  1. Simple yet clear review. It seems like a great story for little ones and would definitely like to read for my daughter. Thanks for the review

  2. This looks like a perfect book for my little guy in the next couple years. But I even think my little girl who’s slightly older than recommended, would think it’s a good read too! It’s nice to have books out there that teach our young ones to be kind to animals.

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