Efficient Way To Donate Breastmilk For Babies

Breastmilk donation

Breastmilk is the first and foremost food for a baby. It is a precious gift a mother can give to her baby, and it is the primary source of nutrition. But !!! it is completely fine if we are not in a position to feed our baby the breastmilk. Insufficient milk supply is not the only reason for not feeding. There are so many reasons behind it like latching issues, flat nipples, unavoidable medical conditions, or the baby is in NICU for various reasons.In such situations, we can go for formula feeding or getting donated breastmilk from trusted centers.Many people pump, store and donate their breastmilk to help many babies.

If we want to become a donor, we can pump our breastmilk, store it and send as a donation. Here I am going to share about my breastmilk donation journey. Yes!!!!!! I am one of the breastmilk donors, who is donating for needy. I am happy and proud in the same way. Yay!!!!! I have given a considerable amount of my breastmilk to many NICU babies and continuing!!!!

How did it start?

I was not aware of breastmilk donation during my first pregnancy but came to know after a year of breastfeeding my first one. So, I have decided to donate my breastmilk if I become a mother for the second time. 

After delivering my second kid, at first, I want to have a routine setup with the baby. Want to understand his feeding schedule, nap time, feeding pattern, etc. Once I figured out, I have started to search for centers that are accepting donations. Then I found Mother’s milk bank in my area. I have undergone lots of preliminary blood works to become an approved donor. If you are in Bay area, California please check the below details about the Mother’s milk bank donation center.

I can’t pin down my happiness; it’s a real cloud-9 feel. And yeah, from there on, my breastmilk donation journey started and continuing!!!! There is no time limit, I have planned to donate till whenever I can. And no!!!! It is not excessive or extra milk which I am producing. It is the normal flow of breastmilk that I contribute to feeding my baby. 

Breastmilk storage
Breast pump

Few tips for successful pumping and donating

Now, this is important.

  • Pump around the same time every day. 
  • Always try to have the pumping session after one hour of feeding the baby. 
  • Follow a normal healthy diet. 
  • Regular feeding helps to cope with the supply. 

Storage of breastmilk

  • My insurance covers the breast pump.
  • After every pumping session, I pour the milk in the breastmilk storage pack and keep it in the freezer. 
  • Will donate after I reach some considerable amount as I don’t want to take a chance of power outage or any other risk.

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Bottle cleaning:

Always use appropriate baby safe washing liquid to clean the bottle.

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Benefits of breastmilk for NICU babies:

  • As breastmilk has so many nutrients, it helps the NICU babies to lessen the risk of infections.
  • ¼ ounce of breastmilk helps the NICU babies to thrive.

Do’s and Don’ts in pumping especially for donation

These are some of the precautions given by my donation center.

  • Always store the breastmilk in the storage bag and keep it in the freezer. Avoid any other kit or bottle. 
  • Don’t store the thawed milk again in the freezer. If it got thawed for any reason, please discard it. 
  • Don’t mix two different timing or dates breastmilk together. 
  • Donate the deep freezer stored milk within 6 to 8 months. 

Any donation helps us to feel good, and so this breastmilk donation . If you have a donation in mind, please go ahead and feel it. Happy donating!!!!!!!!!!!

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