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Cut out board books


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The cut out board books are published on various topics, which talks about animals, different kind of vehicles, Gods and Goddess. Here I will mention about two books, Goddess Durga and Tiger.

Goddess Durga:

The book talks about Goddess Durga. I will mention few points from the book to get an idea.

  • Goddess Durga is known as “Mother of Universe”.
  • She is a warrior form of Goddess Parvati.
  • She is also known as “Triyambake”.
  • Durga pooja, a ten-day festival is celebrated to honor Goddess Durga.

As mentioned above, various interesting points are mentioned in the book with simple explanation. The book has great colorful illustration, which the kids like to read more.


This book talks about “Tiger”.

  • Tigers are the biggest cats in the world.
  • Tigers hunt alone at night.
  • The tiger’s tail helps to maintain while balancing.

It has some good information about tigers with colorful illustration.

Sample Inner page :

I would recommend this book for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Purchase Option:

  • I have got this book from an Indian Mompreneur. Am attaching her Facebook page for reference.

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