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Blueberry Chocolate chip Pancakes

This is a guest post by my friend Ravali, who is a mother and she is very passionate about cooking. Here she is sharing the cooking experience with her son. And a recipe to try as well

Who doesn’t love Pancakes. And why not make a healthy version at home. Here is our Step by Step pancake recipe by our little chef. I haven’t used a store bought box mix in about 8 years. Try and let us know. 


Importance of learning life skill

Involving kids in the kitchen is a practical life skill that will help them to become self-sufficient as they grow. As kids grow, they can start making their breakfast or a small lunch/dinner plate even without a grown up’s help. Also, this can be a bonding time for the family.


While cooking like everything else, proper safety precautions need to be taken.

Always has to be done under adult supervision.

About the Author

Ravali Chalasani lives with her family in California, USA. She has a 3.6 year old little boy Abhiram, who is the sole purpose of her life. She is a passionate baker. She does many activities to entertain him and she involved him in loads of practical activities. One such thing is cooking.

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