Cloth Diapering


When my daughter was born, we have used traditional cloth at home and disposable diapers for nap time and while going out. I came to know about commercial cloth diapers once she turned four months. From the fifth month onwards she used to wear regular cotton underwear at home and cloth diapers while we go out and for nap time.



There are several varieties of cloth diapers available in the market. I have used Pockets diaper throughout our cloth diapering journey. The name itself explains the nature. Yes, it looks like a pocket(one side opening), and we have to keep the insert inside it, which is the absorbent material.

There are several varieties of inserts available in the market. For a pocket diaper, I have used microfiber insert (Which usually comes with the pocket diaper itself), bamboo insert and Hemp booster.

Usage and Maintenance

Wash Routine

Travel with cloth diapers

Cloth Wipes:

I have used two brands called “Mama Koala” and “Alva baby”. Both of them are really good.

Cloth Wipes:

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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