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Books are our real friends and our bonding time happens during reading time . My kids love to read and we try to explore different kinds of books and this time we thought to explore a lot about our country -India. India is a land of various climatic conditions, mixed traditions and culture, different languages but we find unity in diversity . Are you interested in the books we read to know about India. Please scroll through and travel with us. 


Book name:Good night India


Language development, visual stimulation, Imaginary skills


After 12 months


Nitya mohan Khemka Kavitha singh kale

This is a cute little board book which is so handy for any age. The “Good night India” book has clear illustrations on each page with specific and famous locations in India. The pictures are so colorful, and the book covers essential places from all directions of India.

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Book name :India – An alphabet ride


Language development, visual stimulation, Imaginary skills


After 4 years

Author and Illustrations

Shallu Jindal and Priya Kuriyan

“India-An alphabet ride” is such an excellent book with such minute details of India. It has clearly covered and explained India’s tradition, culture, food, essential occupations, various dance versions, Freedom, Flag details, the vital identity of each state, Monsoon, Patriotism, and many more in Alphabetical order.

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The illustrations are eye-catchy, and it is much more informative for anyone who wants to know about India. It is a great read for kids and adults as well.

Book name :Benny In India


Language development, visual stimulation, Imaginary skills


After 2 years


Manoj Publications

Interesting ways to read books

Benny is a little boy who travels to various places in India and obtaining knowledge on everything. The illustrations are clear, and kids love this book. It has single-line information on many important sites in India.

They have different topics in the same series, and we love all of them.


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We can view the whole world through books and we can learn many things with book reading. Early introduction of books has tremendous effect on child’s life. 

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