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Butterfly Life cycle-Activity and Printable (Check for printable at the bottom)

Activity Name: Butterfly Life cycle Benefits: Language development, understanding basic science, Concentration Required age: Above 3.5 years (Or as per child’s interest) Material needed: Leaves, Millets (To make egg) or any other similar item, toy butterfly and caterpillar, material to make chrysalis (I have used ribbon piece, wooden stick and thread)             Many of us […]

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Visual-Spatial discrimination for Toddlers and preschoolers

PRESCHOOL/TODDLER Visual discrimination PRINTABLE Visual discrimination is the ability to find the small, minor difference between various images. Developing this discriminating skill has a more significant advantage throughout the life. For example : Many kids may have the difficulty in distinguishing between ”9” and ”6” in the same way ”b”, ”p” and ”d”. Doing such […]

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