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Winter theme printable

Preschool Printable The printable is based on winter theme especially snow. Along with the activities , we read snow related books. Printable Pack contains Snow man matching – Take two sets of printout and ask the child to match it with each other. Trace and Match– Ask the child to trace through the dotted line […]

Festivals Kids Printable Pongal/Sankranti Preschool Printable


Printable for Toddler/Preschooler Pongal/Sankranti is celebrated as Harvest festival in India. Celebration is mainly to convey thanks to sun god who helped us for good harvest. Pongal Printable Pack contains. Fly the kite- Tracing activity- Ask the child to trace through the dotted lines Match the images – Festival related words. Take a printout and […]

Christmas Pack Festivals Kids Printable

Christmas Preschool Printable Pack-3

Christmas ornament counting Printable Pack contains Ornament counting (Prepared by Poornima Venkatraman) Steps: Page 3:Take a printout and cut down the decoration items into pieces. Page 4 : Take a printout and cutdown the ornaments with numbers . For example: first set contains doodle ornament-3, star-4 and candy can-5. So, based on the number ask […]

Christmas Pack Kids Printable

Christmas Printable

Christmas Preschool Printable Printable Pack contains Christmas tree shape matching- Take two sets of printout and ask the child to match the second set with the first. Odd man out- Ask the child to mark the odd image I-Spy Counting- Ask the child to find the individual image and count them Doodle ornament matching- Take […]

General Printable Kids Printable Visual Discrimination

Snowflake Matching

PRESCHOOL/TODDLER PRINTABLE Visual discrimination is the ability to find the small, minor difference between various images. Developing this discriminating skill has a more significant advantage throughout the life. For example : Many kids may have the difficulty in distinguishing between ”9” and ”6” in the same way ”b”, ”p” and ”d”. Doing such activities in […]

General Printable Kids Printable

Preschool Printable

Arrow coloring as per the reference Recommended Age: After 2.5 years (30 months) This printable is all about coloring the shapes as per the reference colored shape. If the rectangle is in red color, color all the rectangle with red color and follow the same for other shapes as well. By doing such activities, kids […]

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