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2 to 5 years Book Review Kids Books

Benny Series

Book Name: Benny Series Age: After 2.5 years. Publications: Manoj Publications It’s a series of books which talks about “Learning Social Skills,” “Emotional Skills,” “Talks about various countries,” “First Experience (School, Farm, etc.), “Learning about Environment”- This is definitely a good read. It is a good story book which talks about various useful concepts. First, […]

2 to 5 years Book Review Kids Books

Naisha Series

Book Name: Naisha Series Concept and Content: Jasmine Bheda Illustrations by : M.Sebin Simon Age: After 2 years. Publications: Shree Book Center This is a series of 24 books which illustrates a little girl called “Naisha” who visits various places like Beach, Aquarium, Village and many more places. It has colorful pictures on the left […]

2 to 5 years Book Review Kids Books

Book Review-Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing ball

Book Name: Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing ball Story by:Jacob Samson Muttada Illustrated by:Ashok Rajagopalan Age: After 2.5 years. Publications: Tulika Publishers Story: Little boy “Abu” was playing with his big red ball. “Tharikitta thakitta tharikitta thakitta” the big red ball runs away. It went away further and falls on another little boy “Kuttan.” He kicked the […]

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Kids Books:             Introducing books at the early age to kids will be helpful for the development of baby’s imaginary skills, language development, and it will develop reading practice throughout their life. It helps to  develop social knowledge, communication skills and concentration. We can start showing and reading books from their first month onwards. During […]

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