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Kids activities to develop their overall (Fine motor, gross motor, language , sensorial , visual ) development.

1 to 2 years 12 - 18 Months Kids Activities

Activities for 12 to 18 months old toddler

Activity Id:1 Activity Name :Transferring objects Benefits: Hand-eye coordination, Great Sensorial skill and Fine motor skill development. Required age: 12 to 18months Method 1: Ball/pom pom Transfer Materials Needed:  Cardboard/unused container. (Make 1 or more holes), Ball/pom pom , Muffin, Tray, Bowls Keep a bowl of Pom Pom/Balls and muffin tray.Allow your kid to pick […]

Kids Activities Practical Life

Practical Life

Kids always follow us and love to reciprocate things. They like to involve themselves in household chores most of the time. Engaging kids in practical experience during the earlier age will teach them to be independent, very social and to lead a successful life. Being at home or outside Knowing our own environment is always […]

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