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Kids Activities Preschool activities

PreSchool activities (3 to 4 years)

Activity Id :19 Activity Name: Touching sense Benefits: Sensorial development, understanding body parts and their senses Required age: Above 3.5 years Material needed: Any kids known materials , various vegetables/fruits , different textured clothes, gloves (or) balloons , rubber band, cloth to blind fold.             Understanding the different senses is more important for a child’s […]

Kids Activities Preschool activities

Preschool activities (3 to 4 years)

Activity Id :4 Activity Name :Maze Benefits: Fine motor development, Concentration Required age: After 3 years Material needed: Building blocks, magnetic tiles, golf tees, Dominos, Any available material which serves the purpose such as stones, buttons etc. Toy car, doll. Using Golf tees Arrange the golf tees/any material like a maze. First, start with a […]

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