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Indoor toddler activities for fine motor, gross motor, sensorial development.

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Process Vs Product Art Remarkable Effect Of Art In Early Childhood

What is Art? Art is the outcome of our thoughts, creativity, and it is an essential activity for social-emotional development during early childhood. It helps in the development of many skills, along with creativity. Emotional regulation (Controlling their own emotion) is an aspect of social-emotional competence. We can develop it through the regular practice of […]

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Activities for 18 to 24 months toddler Part 3-Color Sorting and Introduction of Shapes

1. Activity Name : Color Sorting Benefits: Fine motor development, concentration, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skill development, Language development as they come to know the names of different colors. Required age: After 22 months. Materials needed:Cardboard, color papers, colored popsicles, pom pom, empty cups, building blocks, different color bangles, Any other different colored items available at […]

1 to 2 years 18 - 24 Months

Activities for 18 to 24 months old toddler Part 2- Matching

Matching :      Matching activities help children to develop a wide range of thinking skills and build the foundations for understanding various concepts. 1. Activity Name: Trace Matching. Benefits: Coordination, Fine motor skill, cognitive skill development. Required age: 20 to 24 months. Materials needed: Random items available at home, cardboard and pen Make traces of […]

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