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Kids activities to develop their overall (Fine motor, gross motor, language , sensorial , visual ) development.

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Name recognition activities for preschoolers

Activity Id:41 Activity Name: Learning own name  Benefits: Recognize own name Required age: Cardboard, Paper, pen , scissors, Any items based on our choice- I have used building blocks, magnetic tiles , popsicles Introduction Hearing our name always gives us a fantastic feel. Kids always admire their names whenever they listen to it somewhere. How […]

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Process Vs Product Art Remarkable Effect Of Art In Early Childhood

What is Art? Art is the outcome of our thoughts, creativity, and it is an essential activity for social-emotional development during early childhood. It helps in the development of many skills, along with creativity. Emotional regulation (Controlling their own emotion) is an aspect of social-emotional competence. We can develop it through the regular practice of […]

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Fun activities to engage 8 to 12 months old babies- Pulling objects

This post contains affiliate link. If any sale happens through the link i get a part as commission without any extra charge to the buyer. Introduction Is your baby pulling your hair?then he/she is ready for the next developmental activity of strengthening their hand muscles. The most valued fine motor skills are finger movements as […]

Kids Activities Preschool activities

Three best ways to develop color gradient skill in Kids

Activity Id :38 Activity Name: Color gradient  Benefits: Ability to find all shades of particular color. Required age: After 3.5 years. Materials Needed: Different crayons, scissors, glue. What is the color gradient? Color gradient means getting more shades from one particular color. We can get multiple color tones out of one specific color. For example, […]

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How to teach solar system to kids in awesome way

Introduction: Activity Name: The Solar system Benefits: Get basic knowledge about solar system , planets , space station and things related to it Required age: Above 3.5 years (Or as per child’s interest). Material needed: Anything as per our convenience. We have used books, stickers and some drawing. My daughter started to ask more questions […]

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