Butterfly Life cycle-Activity and Printable (Check for printable at the bottom)

Kids Printable

Butterfly Life cycle


Language development, understanding basic science, Concentration


Above 3.5 years(Or as per child’s interest)

Materials needed

Leaves, Millets (To make egg) or any other similar item, toy butterfly and caterpillar, material to make chrysalis (I have used ribbon piece, wooden stick and thread)

       Many of us read the book “Very hungry caterpillar,” which talks about the butterfly and the baby form of it. While reading the book, my daughter was inquisitive to know” Why the baby butterfly doesn’t look like mommy,” and so we have started to learn about this butterfly life cycle. To make it more realistic, I have collected a few items and presented them. Understanding a concept with props and images is much easier than reading with words. Those concepts stick to kids’ minds. And here is ours.

Along with this we did some worksheet activity as well .

Along with this We did finger stamping art activity .
Few books which we read along .

Worksheet printable to download .

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