Best STEM experiment for preschoolers at home-Melt the Ice

Melt the Ice- STEM experiment for kids
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Melting ICE STEM experiment for kids


Understanding basic science


After 3 years

Materials needed

Ice cubes, insects or any objects to hide to freeze , wooden hammer, salt , hot water


Ice cubes are one of the favorite playmates for kids. They love the chilled water and like to hold it for fun. Why can’t we experiment by having their favorite thing? Our home is the first laboratory, and we can do lots of STEM experiments for kids to understand the basics. At this early age, let them enjoy the experiments rather than too much of technical knowledge. It’s good to teach them though, I am not again it, but I feel let them feel and enjoy the moment rather than lots of information through hearing. This happy moment creates interest, and interest in-turn helps them to explore more.

 We decided to do this experiment as a “Rescue the insect” activity. She poured water and each insect and kept It overnight in the freezer. And we planned to rescue them in three ways.

Melt the ice and rescue the insects with three techniques.


How does ice melt?

Ice begins to melt when its temperature exceeds 0 degree Celsius. It starts to melt and become water. If the temperature is low, it becomes ice then. Ice melt on its own if it reaches a specific temperature, but we can also do the same with external force.

1.Break the ice to melt it.

We can break it with hammer and make it melt.

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Sprinkling salt over the ice.

Adding salt to the ice cubes helps them to melt soon. When we add salt to the ice cubes, it dissolves in the liquid water film, which is present on the surface and reduces ice’s freezing point. Ice combines with the saltwater melt, therefore.

Melt the Ice- STEM experiment for kids
Melt the Ice- STEM experiment for kids

Using hot water:

The ice cube melts because the evaporated air is warmer than the freezer. The particles of ice gather the heat energy from warmer air. So, the ice particles break and melt into water.

Melt the Ice- STEM experiment for kids
Melt the Ice- STEM experiment for kids


Most of the thing in this world comes under STEM. We must create interest in children and provide a path to explore more. My daughter enjoyed doing this experiment. We didn’t go much in detail, but she gets few ways to melt ice.

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