Best pop-it fidget toy activities for preschoolers

Pop it fidget activities for kids
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We bought the current most favorite toy in the market Pop-it fidget and created lot of activities.Are you interested to look at them.

  • Simple pop with fingers without any direction. 
  • Encourage the child to pop-it with fingers from both hands
  • Provide a direction and ask  child to pop it based on the arrows provided .
Pop it fidget activities for kids
  • First start with one hand. Ask the child to pop it based on the direction. Once they are done, we can lowly move towards pop it with two hands.Most of the children love doing this activity. 
Pop it fidget activities for kids
  • Here i have written some directions to do the pop-it activity . the child has to pop based on the provided instructions. 
Pop it fidget activities for kids
  • Ask the child to read the high frequency words and pop it one time. In the same way , they can read and pop it one by one. We have stamped using dot marker as well.
  • Toddlers can use it for color matching . Provide pom pom and ask them to put it in the hole.Toddlers love pop-it all the time
  • Write letters  , numbers on them and ask the child to read aloud . Then they can pop it as well. 
  • We can come up with any activities based on our imagination . It is a great toy for all ages. Even adults can enjoy popping it as like me. 

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