Best Parenting books to read for peaceful parenting life

Best Parenting books to read

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         Parenting is a routine thing that has been happening for many generations. The approach towards the child has changed over the years based on exposure and knowledge through various resources. As we are in a fast-moving world, we can improve our parenting by acquiring great expertise through books, videos, parenting coaches, or other ways based on convenience.

     As a parenting coach, I go through various parenting books and other resources to know the child in a better way. If you are interested in books, I have suggestions for you all below. Before we go to the list, I want to give you a few tips for reading parenting books. Please scroll down to know them. Please read this without fail and go to the list. 

Steps to follow while reading parenting books

Best Parenting books to read
Best Parenting books to read

Best Parenting book suggestions

1.Yell less, love more.

Best Parenting books to read

The first and foremost step in parenting is to handle our emotions because it plays a significant role. If we are calm, we can manage the child better. This excellent book talks about various ways to calm down our emotions in a healthy way. 

✅ Yell Less , love more

2.The whole brain child

Best Parenting books to read

This is my all-time favorite book. The book clearly explains the child’s brain development, the functioning of the working brain, and how to approach the child for their whole brain development. 

✅ The Whole brain child

3.Non-Violent communication

Best Parenting books to read

Communication plays a significant role in any relationship and is more important in parenting as well. With proper communication, We can understand and connect with the child. And this great book talks about the importance of appropriate and gentle communication. 

✅ Non-Violent Communication

4.Playful Parenting

Best Parenting books to read

Best book that talks about the importance of applying playfulness in parenting. Parenting doesn’t have to be serious all the time; it needs more of a playful approach to make the situation better. I was lagging in this concept, and after reading this book, I am trying my best to apply it. 

✅ Playful parenting

5.The power of showing up

Best Parenting books to read

Great book which talks about the importance of parental presence in child’s life. Without a parent’s gentle approach, it is tough for the child’s brain to grow healthily.

✅ The power of showing up

6.The Yes brainchild

Best Parenting books to read

The book clearly talks about a child’s working brain and how important for parents to understand it for a better life. It helps and provides various ways to grow emotionally intelligent children.

✅ The Yes brain

7.How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk

Wonderful book which gives you various positive ways to use our language so the child will listen in a better way

✅ How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk

8.Unconditional Parenting

Best Parenting books to read

Lovely books which give you various reasons to love your child without any conditions such as “If you do this, I won’t talk to you”. This is as like putting a condition to our love. We need to avoid doing it. And it also talks about why we need to avoid giving rewards and punishments. 

✅ Unconditional Parenting

9.Positive discipline

Best Parenting books to read

A great book that provides loads of positive discipline strategies to follow in a routine life 

✅ Positive discipline

10.Siblings without rivalry

Must needed a book for parents with multiple kids. 

✅ Siblings without rivalry


Parenting is hard, and it is a universal truth. As it is hard, we don’t have to keep it hard and vent out all the time. We can try our level best to attain some knowledge to make it peaceful by reducing the stress.. As with learning many things in life, we can learn parenting as well for our well-being and for our child’s better future. 


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