Best math activities for preschoolers

Best math skill for kids
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Basic math skill for kids


Understanding basics of math


Above 3.5 years

Materials needed

Bottle caps, magnetic numbers, markers, white board, math cubes, paper, pen ,store bought toys

Math is everywhere; it fills the world in something or the other way. How much?, is one of the basic questions we ask in our day to day life. We need to understand the basics of math to get involved and love it later in our life. Instead of looking at it as a subject, we need to look at it as a life skill. As a parent, it is our responsibility to build a concrete basis to our children in math. There is no specific step by step procedure, but it is good to follow the list for better understanding.

1.Number recognition.


3.Number to object correspondence and vice versa.

4.Missing numbers  and so on .

Number recognition

Always introduce numbers by mouth and show the numbers visually. It helps the child to recognize the number in a quick way. Children need to know the name and corresponding number for better understanding. Avoid only memorizing. 

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Here comes the question How much?. To understand and answer this question, we need to learn counting. 

  • We did a simple activity which covers the concepts of  counting, number correspondence, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills
  • Here I have mentioned various number of dots in different colors and provided the math cubes.
  • She has to count the dots, understand the number in mind, then count the math cubes, and arrange them as per the counting.
Basic math skill for kids
Basic math skill for kids

Often doing these kinds of activities help them to refresh their memory and the basic math concept. There is no harm in redoing such activities, even if the child is well versed in these of activities before. These regular practices help them sharpen memory, love the concept, and increase the solving speed.

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Counting with locks

  I got this from a local shop where the child has to count the number of images and select the number corresponding to it. Then the lock will release if both matches. My daughter enjoyed this activity very much.

Basic math skill for kids
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Number sequence

We did another sticker activity to get a strong foundation on the number sequence. Here it is, I wrote all the numbers in dot stickers, she has to peel and paste them in order (in series).

Basic math skill for kids

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Missing numbers:

The understanding number sequence is more critical. It is the basics for many other concepts such as before and after numbers, Skip counting, Big and small numbers, etc. So, we did a small activity for a better understanding of the number sequence. First, we did it until 10.

  • I wrote a few numbers by keeping some as blank. She has to fill them using the magnetic numbers.
Basic math skill for kids
Basic math skill for kids
  • Then we moved to finding missing numbers in the range 1 to 20. I have written a few numbers on board and the missing numbers on the bottle cap.
Basic math skill for kids
Basic math skill for kids
  • After completing this, she wants to write the missing numbers than using any other props. So here it is.
  • Kids always surprise us.
Basic math skill for kids

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