Best books to prepare the first kid for sibling arrival

Prepare kid for sibling arrival
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Best books to prepare the first kid for sibling arrival

1.Nine months

Book Name: Nine months – Before a baby is born

Written by : Miranda Paul , Jason Chin

Age: If they are going to welcome a sibling.

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Do you have a kid and expecting a new baby at home? Do you want to talk about what is happening inside the pregnancy belly to your kid? Do you want them to get an idea of what else occurs until the baby’s birth?

Then this book is for you.This book talks about pregnancy , until the baby is born.So, it helps to prepare the first born for the change in their life.

It starts with the story of a small family who came to know about the arrival of the baby. The book shows the growth of baby month wise.


First trimester Week (1 to 4 ) – What happens in these weeks as the egg divides into zygotes.


Second trimester Week (13 to 16) – Line, spine, fine, tiny hair, tasting the thumb.


Third trimester Week (27 to 31) – Feeling the hiccups.


In the same way, it covers every month (1 month to  9 months) and the most significant change which happens inside the pregnancy belly—more features and stages in the baby formation. 

In the end, the author gave a brief explanation of all the words used in the book.

My review:

This book helped to explain to my daughter the changes happening inside me with the best illustration and clear explanation.She understood it very well and started to talk to the baby and explains how he is growing inside.

2.I’m a big sister

Book Name: I’m a big sister

Written by : Joanna Cole

Age: If they are going to welcome a sibling.

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This book mainly focus on prepare the kid after the baby is born.

This book helps a kid to understand and accept the new baby inside their family. It talks about what to do with the baby and whatnot, the routine of the new baby, etc..

The illustration helps to understand they are more important to their parents and in the same way they are special to the new baby too, as they are holding a unique position “Big sister”/”Big Brother”.

My review:

The book comes in two different topics “ I’m a big sister” and “I’m a big brother.” So, it is easy to pick up as per our first kid. Trust me, “ you’re a big sister,” “you’re a big brother,” is a magic sentence, which helps them to feel proud and more connected towards the baby. We love reading this book and compare it with the baby.

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