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Book Name- Pete the cat I love my white shoes


Language development, Learn good things


After 3.5 years


Written by:Eric Litwin Art by :James Dean (Creator of Pete the cat)

Pete the Cat- Kids Book review

Book Review

Pete, the cat walks on his white shoes and sings the song “ I love my white shoes. I love my white shoes”. Suddenly it jumps on a pile of strawberries, and it turns the shoe red. But the cat doesn’t feel bad; instead, it starts to sing, “I love my red shoes. I love my red shoes”. In the same way, he jumps on blueberries, mud, and on the bucket of water. But, the cat doesn’t feel upset or bad for spoiling the shoes; instead, it accepts whatever trouble comes on the way and enjoys the moment.

The moral of the story is, we are not supposed to feel bad and stop working if we face any trouble in our way. We need to move ahead by accepting the situation. It has conveyed a good piece of information.

My view

We love this story in particular because we are going through the same situation with my daughter. She is in the phase of changing the dress if she finds a little dirt or a small bit of wetness. But after reading the book, she accepts and understands the situation, and the tantrum has reduced a lot. Books teach a wonderful lesson to everyone, especially to children.


Book Name: Pete the cat 5-minute bedtime stories


Language development, Learn good things


After 4 years


Written by: Kimberly and James Dean

     The book contains set of 12 stories , which really conveys a good message at the end. At present, pete is our favorite book collection.

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