Best Books to buy for Toddlers- Naisha Series

Naisha series books
2 to 5 years, Book Review
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Book name-Naisha Series

Concept and Content

Jasmine Bheda


2 years.


Shree Book Center

Illustrations by

M.Sebin Simon

  • This is a series of 24 books which illustrates a little girl called “Naisha” who visits various places like Beach, Aquarium, Village and many more places.
  • We ca n buy individual pieces too. My daughter love these books. Even i love to read as they are so interactive.
  • It has colorful pictures on the left side and some words with images on the right side. This is a really great way for understanding the word and correlate with the image.
  • This is highly recommended books for toddlers and preschoolers from age 2 onwards.

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