Best alternatives to say “Good job” in more engaging way

Alternatives for Good job

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We as a parent always admire our kids and appreciate all of their efforts. Starting from turning on their back, crawling, walking, scribbling, etc., the list goes on. We always encourage them and use one common phrase, “Good job.” It is a great one, but how can we use it better and in a more engaging way. If we use this phrase for all the work they do, it becomes a routine for them to hear and at the same for us to tell the same every time the child did something. And kids may expect the exact phrase for all of their work without understanding the real meaning behind it.

By repeating the same and common phrase ,we may even forget to go deep inside the child’s work and experience them. Every single situation is a learning experience for the child. Let them utilize every opportunity and learn new things.

  Along with saying “Nice”, “Good job” we can include more words to our statement and create beautiful connection with our kids. Extending the communication with wonderful mindful talks helps a lot with strong connection with our child and it helps us to understand their interest as well.

Alternatives for phrase Good job

Here , am sharing some of the common instances which we all go through in our day to day life and the alternative words for regular “Good job or Nicely done”. Love to look at them, please scroll through

1.The child comes to us with their artwork.

If we say “Good job,” the conversation stops there, and children go back to their work. We may miss the essence of their art. Instead, we can extend the conversation as,

“This looks great; what colors did you use? , Can I know more about this picture.

This extended conversation encourages them to talk more about their work, and they get more excited to share all the details.

2.The child shares a toy with their friend

If we say “Good job”, child doesn’t understand why it is Good to share.Instead of simple “Good job,” we can say,

“How do you feel after sharing your toy”? “Do you know how your friend feels now”?

This conversation helps them to understand the emotions very well and the meaning behind the beautiful word sharing

3.The child struggled a lot to complete a puzzle or any study-related work

If we say “Good job”, child doesn’t understand their own effort. So, we can include 

How do you feel about yourself? Do you appreciate yourself for completing it? Did you find anything hard, and how did you solve it?.

This conversation helps them to understand their efforts behind the completion

4.The child has started to ride a bike on their own

If we say “Good job”, child doesn’t get a chance to express or feel their confidence. So we can do the alternate as 

Do you find it hard or easy to ride? Is it something new you are learning now?

This conversation helps them to build their confidence in many ways

5.Child jumps for the count of 50

If we say “Good job”, child doesn’t feel satisfied or get a recognition for their work. So, 

Vow !!! You did it for the count of 50 and much fast. Are you feeling more energetic?

This conversation helps them to feel satisfied and they love to explain more about their jumping.And we can extend the topic of energy in a way we want . 

All these are simple ideas to have more connection with the child. We can use any words of our choice and extend the conversation. Always try to appreciate the process and effort it creates immerse effect on child’s mindset. 


We can put ourselves in child’s position and think of getting “Good job” for everything we do. If our loved one says “Good job or tasty cooking” and stops the conversation as it is, we may feel a little lost as we want to explain more about our work and share the experience joyfully. Kids also have the same feeling, but they may not know to express it fully. So, it is always good to extend the conversation, and it helps with significant development during early age. 

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