Benefits of displaying Kid’s artwork

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Benefits of displaying Kid’s artwork

           We have loads of Aditi’s (My daughter) art and craftwork at home. Few are done at home, and many are from her school as they do artwork every single day. We all know Art is a therapy, creativity and it is more of relaxation. It is much right with kids. They draw everything whatever comes in their mind and provide a beautiful name to their drawing as well. But most of the time, all those papers went into storage or to trash (in our case happened ). I usually click a picture of her artwork and keep it in the storage or missed some too. 

           Somehow I got this thought of displaying her work at the play area. Without any delay, both of us (myself and my daughter )pulled out the file and started to paste one by one on the wall. It is absolute bliss to look at her face while doing so. It took us almost 30 minutes to finish this because she has a story for every other picture, and she happily narrated everything with pure joy. We had a great time together while pasting and having it every day by seeing them on the wall. With my experience, I found few benefits in displaying the artwork. 

  • It is so refreshing to looks at these artworks especially in the morning .
  • Kids can remember each one of these artworks, narrate a story that helps them to talk and interact with us more. It is connecting our minds, and their language gets developed. 
  • By displaying, we can encourage the kids to draw more. They feel more confident and happily do the work. 
  • It creates a memory for sure. 
  • Above all, the kids feel happier while looking at them. They can show the display to others as well, and they feel connected to their work.

How to display:

  • Select a place where the kid stays more. I have selected her play area. 
  • Try to paste on both top and bottom so it won’t get disturbed with the wind. 

Some of the art work.

1.Salt art


  • Take some salt and add food colors into it.
  • Let them dry.
  • In the mean time,Draw an outline of any image. Here I drew a tree
  • Apply glue over the outline.
  • Sprinkle the colored salt as per our choice.
  • Let them dry.

Version -2

  • Don’t add any food colors use the white salt as it is.
  • Apply glue over the outline and sprinkle the salt on top of the glue.
  • Color the salt drawing with a brush . Use either water colors or food colors.

2.Mosaic art

  • Paste the removable tape on the paper by leaving the edges outside. So it will be easy to peel after coloring.
  • Color the in between places with crayons/food color anything of our choice.
  • After coloring peel the tape off.
  • Tada!!!!! Art work is ready .

Happy drawing!!!!!!!!!! Keep the art work be child-led always. Process is important than the product.

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