Am i a good parent ? Having mom and dad guilt

Parenting life is blissful
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Mom and dad guilt on the whole parent guilt is a real and true feeling which every parent have in their journey. Parenting guilt is the feeling where we feel , we are not doing enough as a parent or not doing anything wholeheartedly, where we fail to be a good parent or a perfect parent all the time. This feeling is very common and every one of us have it at all the time in our life. It is ok !!! to have that feel because it is real and we are all humans. We can’t smile and be happy all the time . We do have our downs , our own preferences and it is perfectly ok to take up them instead of kids.

I do have some guilt everyday, please scroll through to know them. If you can resonate with me please share your experience in the comment .Come lets see few of  my guilt in parenting journey.

Mom guilt

My husband has some guilt too. Here am sharing only mine.

  • I love to breastfeed as much as my child wants, but I am tired of waking up several times in the night.
  • I love co-sleeping, but I hate the back pain every day
  • I love my child independence, but I am stressed out when they want to choose all the time
  • I love to stay calm all the time, but I slip once a while
  • I love to do activities with my kids, but I am not interested in being part of pretend play
  • I love to read books to them all the time, but I am bored of reading the same book 25 times
  • I love to hear them talk, but I want to stay calm as well sometimes.
  • I love to play with my kids, but I want to wake up and stay alone for some time in the morning to boost myself up with exercise and yoga.
  • I love to make them explore the house, but I hate to clean it up
  • I love to prepare various meals all the time but am not interested in exploring anything in cooking.
Parenting life is blissful



We cant control every moment of our life. Sometime , we need to accept the reality and move forward. Having such thing doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids. We love them more than anything else in the world. But as an individual , I have preferences and am ok with it.

Mom’s guilt is accurate, and please be don’t harsh on yourself. Before we become a mother, we are humans, and we are trying our level best to stay real. Protection is more important than perfection. There is no definition of a perfect mother or perfect child. It’s all the unconditional love and support which we get /get as a parent.If you get to spend few minutes with your child, please spend it mindfully that erases all our guilt for the day .

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