Activities for Preschooler

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Activities for Preschooler

Activity Id :4

Activity Name :Maze

Benefits: Fine motor development, Concentration

Required age: After 3 years

Material needed: Building blocks, magnetic tiles, golf tees, Dominos, Any available material which serves the purpose such as stones, buttons etc. Toy car, doll.

Using Golf tees

  • Arrange the golf tees/any material like a maze. First, start with a simple pattern.
  • Ask the kid to pass the car through the maze without touching the golf tees and reach the toy/doll. 
  • If they touch the border, ask them to re-do the same. 
  • It’s an excellent activity for improving concentration and its fun too.

Using Building blocks.

  • Prepare the next one as a little complicated. Here I have made a 3D maze set up. 
  • Ask the child to move through the maze without touching it. 

Using Magnetic tiles

Arrange Magnetic tiles in 3D shape and ask the child to do the maze activity.

Activity Id :5

Activity Name :Hair clip fine motor activity

Benefits: Fine motor development

Required age: After 3 years

Material needed: Hair clips and cardboard

  • Provide hair clips and cardboard
  • Ask them to clip and remove it.
  • It is a great fine motor skill activity.

Activity Id :6

Activity Name :Pre-Writing Skill

Benefits: Helpful while start writing

Required age: After 3 years

Material needed: Paper, color pencil

  • Draw different shapes and place dots with various color pencils.
  • Ask the child to connect the dots.

Pre-writing skills provides proper pencil grip practice when they start proper writing.

4 thoughts on “Activities for Preschooler

  1. I love finding activities that are fun for the kids but also build on some motor or developmental skills. And these work great! And they keep them interested in new things and way to go about doing stuff, like thinking through how to get out of a maze. Great ideas!

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