Activities for 6 to 8 month old babies

Infant activities ( 4 to 12 months ), Kids Activities

Exploring different books


Vision , language and sensorial development


After 5 months

Materials needed

Books with different colored images and various textures.

  • This book has different textures and he likes to touch and explore the same
  • It gives a great sensorial feel to the baby
  • He loves doing it.
  • If the baby is not sitting, tilt the book and present it to them.
  • It is easy for the baby to raise the hand and touch it.
  • It is a great language development tool.

Whenever the baby looks at book, try to talk about the picture and words in them. Babies need to hear a lot to develop their language

Water play


sensorial development


After 7 months (or after baby starts to sit on their own without support)

Materials needed

Plate with water.

  • Please be with the baby while doing all activities, especially with water. *
  • Place a plate and fill up with water, say 1 cup maximum .
  • Let the child play and explore with it.
  • Water play is a great sensorial activity and it gives much of calmness to the baby.

Hanging objects


Vision, Sensorial development


After 6 months

Materials needed

Books with different colored images , various textures

  • Hang different harmless objects to baby height
  • As they are swinging , babies gets excited to watch and touch the toy.
  • Let them touch and explore it .
  • He loves watching the movement and plays with it.
  • He is playing with this toy for more than 2 months now.
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