5 Best Lord Ganesha Slokas and meaning for kids

Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids
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You will find 6 simple Lord Ganesha slokas for kids. Please chant the slokas everyday with kids especially on Ganesh Chaturthi. 


Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids
Lord Ganesha (Vinayagar) 
  • My name is Lord Ganesha. People call me by names such as Pillaiyar and Vinayagar (Check below for other names).
  • In our family, there are four members. My father’s name is Lord Shiva, My mother is Goddess Parvathi, and my younger brother is Lord Murugan.
  • I have an elephant face with two long ears, one trunk, one big tummy, and one tusk.
  • Everyone considered me as the first God. People worship me before starting any new work as they believe I will remove all obstacles and give them success.
  • My vehicle is a mouse, and I use the same to travel around.
  • I love to eat food. My favorites are Modhakam, Ladoo, Kheer, Vadai, and many more.
  • My birthday falls in August or September, and everyone celebrates it as “Vinayagar Chaturthi” or “Ganesh Chaturthi.”
  • I am a very friendly God and am a favorite to everyone, especially kids.

Who is your favorite god? – Please let me know 

Different names of Lord Ganesha

Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids

Simple Slokas of Lord Ganesha for kids

Slokam – 1

Om Gajananam Bhootha Ganathi Sevitham

Kapiththa Jambu phalasaara bhakshitham

Umasutham shoka vinasha Kaaranam

Namaami Vighneshwara Paatha pankajam


O Lord with the elephant face, who is served by celestial beings, 

He who eats the essence of the faith & Jamun fruits

 O son of Mother Parvati and destroyer of suffering 

We bow down to your lotus feet O destroyer of obstacles 

Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids

Mooshika Vaahana Modaka Hasta

Saamara karna Vilambitha Shoothra

Vaamana Rupa Mahehswara Putra

Vigna vinayaka paratha namaste.


Salutations to Lord Vigna Vinayaka , 

who has mouse as his vehicle

Who has modaka in his hand

Whose large ears are like fans and who wears a long sacred thread

Who is short in stature 

Who is son of Sri maheswara 

Prostrations at the feet of Sri Cigna vinayaka , the remover of obstacles of his devotees 

Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids
Slokam-3 (Tamil Language)

Paalum theli thenum paagum paruppum

Ivai naangum kaladhunaku

Nan tharuven kolam sei thunga karimugathu

Thoomaniye nee Enaku 

Sanga thamizh moondrum Thaa.


I will give you a delicacy made up with the mixture of milk, honey, jaggery and dhal . In turn , dark faced purest pearl form of lord Ganesha ,please provide me the knowledge of Tamil language

✅ Slokas and mantras for kids

Vakrathunda mahakaya suryakoti samaprabha

Nirvighnam kuru me deva sarva karyesu sarvada


O the God with curved trunk ,large body and brilliant as thousand suns bless me with freedom from all the obstavc;es and hindrances forever.

Simple Lord ganesha slokas for kids

Agajaanana padmarkam gajaanana maharnisam

Anekadamtam bhakthanam ekadantam upasmaye


We meditate all the time on one-tusked god who is the sun for the lotus in the form of face of Parvati, one with elephant face and one who is the giver of all desired ends to his devotees

✅ Lord ganesha story for kids

Om Gam ganapathiye namo namah

Shree siddhivinayaka namo namah

Ashta vinaayaka namo namah

Ganapathi kappa Mauriya

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all .Stay blessed

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