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I am a certified parenting coach and 200+ parents got trained . Please find the feedbacks from the participants. 

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Positive Parenting Coach

About me

  • I am Indumathi, a certified Parenting  coach and a certified Early Childhood educator. So far, i have conducted 25 workshops with more than 200 participants to share various important parenting topics . We have worked on emotional management for parents which is one of the first learning in parenting. Then we have talked about the child brain development, which helps us to understand and handle the child in a better way. 
  • Apart from this, i have conducted 1:1 parenting consultation to discuss about parenting issues . I always believe “Parenting ourself first and self-understanding” is important step in parenting. 
  • “Parenting is hard”,”Parenting is stressful”, “Parenting gives us more stress” but at the same time “Parenting is our life”, “Parenting can be guilt free” if we understand the base of our problem and work on it without giving way for emotional outburst

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Positive Parenting Coach
Positive Parenting Coach
Positive Parenting Coach
Positive Parenting Coach

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