10 best ways to connect with the child

Best way to connect with the child
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Having a strong relationship and connection with the child changes our world into a beautiful place. A child’s smile and laugh is worth a million. If we have a positive connection with the child, it has an enormous effect on their brain development and helps us as an adult to have a stressful life. They need our time and presence to achieve anything in their life and need an enjoyable relationship with their parents. But it is tough to provide 100% of our time to the child in this fast working world. We work, we strain ourselves for the welfare of our children, and we want them to thrive positively. So , please spend a quality time of 5 or 10 minutes per day with the day wholeheartedly.They need quality than quantity. No one can be perfect in this world, and it is hard to find an ideal parent or child. But we can very have a connected parent and a connected child by having a quality time together with the child. We can follow straightforward and beautiful ways to connect with our children in our everyday life. 

Are you interested to look at them. Please travel with me.

1.Active listening

Always present with the child both mentally and physically. Try to acknowledge their talk without any interruption or making fun of them. 

2.Reflective listening

Children love to share as much information as they have with their parents, and they love it if they hear the same from our mouths. So, try to be active and reflect on what they have shared with us. A simple acknowledgment and reflection provide a beautiful connection with the child. 

Best way to connect with the child

3.Avoid distraction

It is tough to stay away from the screen or any technologies in this fast-moving digital world. But stay next to them and witness their work for a minimum of 5 minutes without any screens. 

4.Show up for them

It is practically impossible to stay with the child constantly, but whenever they need us desperately (any emotional breakdown), please show up for them by staying at their eye level. Eye contacts build a great connection between the child and a parent. 

5.Engage in quality conversation

Kids love to talk and share as many things as they know with us. Whatever they talk, engage with them without any fun talk or teasing. Sometimes kids say many funny things; instead of teasing, have a playful talk with the child. 

6.Read books/ Tell stories

Avoid thinking about language development, knowledge sharing, etc., while reading a book instead; think it is a beautiful connection period between us. Along with many positives, mindful connection happens through book reading and storytelling to kids.

7.Hug them often

More than any other way, this is the simplest and purest way of connection between a child and a parent. Kids love physical touch. Whenever possible, provide a warm hug, hold their hands. Kids feel safe with these actions, and it helps to connect with them beautifully. 

8.Do chores together

Enjoy doing any chores with them, be it kitchen work, gardening, cleaning, shopping. As I said, it’s not possible all the time, but whenever possible, do it and experience the happiness in them. 

9.Sing/dance together

Singing and dancing are freestyle, fun, guaranteed ways to have a connection with the child. Sing or dance mindlessly and joyfully with them. 

Best way to connect with the child

10.Travel with them

It is hard, and at the same time, traveling is a beautiful memory for life while doing it with the child. Enjoy the travel time by discussing whatever we look at, experience during the traveling period. Travel with the child and create memories .


Parenting is hard and tiring. We want children all the time, but at the same time, we want to stay alone as well. Whenever we are together, let’s spend that time in a quality way to have a beautiful connection with the child and create a strong memory for life. After all, parenting starts within ourselves, and it always needs a connection than perfection.

Do you have any such connection time with your child? Please share it with me in the comment section.

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