10 best brain boosting activities for Toddlers and preschoolers

Brain boosting activities for kids
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Our brain is the central part and the most critical organ of the human body. It is responsible for all essential activities. Providing continuous workouts to the brain at an early age helps the child to mold and use the brain in the right direction. We can help and support the child by providing mindful brain-boosting activities to enhance brain development. We can set up low prep mind games for brain development. Are you interested in looking at them? Please scroll through to read them. We can follow and apply these activities based on the child’s age and interest.

Please find the top 10 best brain boosting activities for kids here. 


1.Sticker game for brain development

Stickers are child’s best friends of any age. We can set up a simple sticker peeling and pasting activity for toddlers for brain development. Peel some stickers and paste them on your face. They get attracted and started to peel/ paste them with more concentration, enhancing their brain.

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2.Tic tac toe

Tic tac toe game is one of the best low-prep brain-boosting activities for preschoolers. It is best to start after 4 years of age to understand the concept very well and begin to play independently. 

Brain boosting activities for kids
  • Draw 3*3 matrix
  • Every participant takes a turn to fill up the block. If three horizontal, vertical, diagonal blocks are filled with the same object/pattern, we can finish it.
  • Always allow the child to win the game for the first few turns. This success encourages them to understand the concept well and motivates them to continue the play. 


Sudoku is another excellent brain-boosting game for kids. Always start the activity with real materials and then go for worksheets. My daughter loves this sudoku game, and we do this often. 

Start with 2*2 and slowly increase it as per the child’s age and interest.

Brain boosting activities for kids

3.Take turns and finish the list

Take a turn is a no-prep brain-boosting activity for kids. Someone has to start the game by telling the name of any fruit, vegetable, vehicle, etc. and the other person has to take turns and tell the name for next time. We need to continue the list by taking turns. 

4.Mental aptitude

We can play a kind of mental aptitude game by asking some day-to-day questions. For example- Today is Wednesday, what day is tomorrow or yesterday. What do we need to take while going out etc.? . What color dress mom was wearing yesterday etc. Any random day-to-day questions helps the child to think more. 


Riddles are the best brain-boosting games. We can ask questions based on any  information or topics which the child knows already. For example- Which vegetable is green in color? , Which is the biggest animal etc.? many such questions helps to boost up that little brain

6.Ask about the relations/friends

Talking about friends and relatives is more important as child start to understand the relationship value and we do this  fun game very often. We talk about our relations/friends and  have some twisted questions on this topic. We can ask 

“Who is my mother to you?”- Kids can answer as grandmother

“What is my daughter’s/son’s name?”- Kid mention their name/siblings name.

Asking more of such fun and interactive questions helps the child to train up their memory. 

7.I-spy game

I-spy is another non-prep brain-boosting memory game for kids of any age. We can increase the competency-based on kids’ age and interest. Start with simple clues and move towards the hard one. 

  • I-spy the blue color item next to you. I-spy an orange item in the place we sleep.
  • I-Spy an item which has 4 colors in it. and so on..

8.Memory game

We can do any number of memory games. Just allow our imagination to flow high and do all of those activities with the child.

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9.Asking lots of questions

Asking loads of questions help the child to boost and sharp their memory. Childhood is a curious age, and they love to explore more and more stuff around them. The only source of contact for them is their parents and teachers. We are responsible for providing a sensible answer to those curious questions. It will be overwhelming at times but answering those why’s provide a great opportunity to develop their memory. 

We can ask Why questions in various situations to kids. We can ask these questions on the flow. 

  • While traveling, we can shoot questions as “Why we need to stop the car in the signal?”.
  • Why we are adding salt in our food .And many such questions. Try to ask these questions while doing that particular work so kids can relate and come up with the answer.

10.Find the missing part

  • We can do this activity in our day-to-day life. Purposefully leave some wanted things like shoes, keys etc., while going out and ask the child to find what is missing and what else we need while going out. 
  • Draw a car without wheels and ask them to find the missing one. 

Finding the missing part activity helps the child to think, analyze and to sharpen their brain .


Puzzles are one best handy activities for cognitive skill development. We can start doing puzzles from toddler age depending on the child’s interest and increase the complication based on their work. There are different levels of kids puzzle available in the market (Please click each topic to get the purchase link) starting from 

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Brain boosting activities are great to start at early age and it helps the child to develop their memory.

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