10 best activities to develop listening skills in kids

Listening skill development in kids
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Listening  is one of the important skill , and we can develop the habit of listening from early days in kids. 95% of the kids have less attention span up to certain age, and it is perfectly fine. That’s how kids should be, but we can’t underestimate kids’ ability. Though they are involved in any activity, they can hear their surroundings and observe them in our day-to-day life. This kind of observation helps them in long run. Let’s have a look into various daily basis activities to develop the same.

   This post is not about “How to make kids listen to our words,” which is an entirely different topic. This is all about developing their listening ability more precisely to be an active listener.

Let’s have a look into few activities to develop listening skills in kids 

1.Reading books

Reading a lot of beautiful books is the best and excellent for auditory development in children. As they can’t read in the early days, they listen to our words/voices and keep them in mind. We can ask few interactive questions after reading the book ,which helps with language development and memory management as well. 

Listening skill development in kids

2.Hearing audio stories.

Hearing stories is one of the best activities to develop listening ability in children. Either we can narrate a story, or we can play any stories over the audio source. As per our view, kids’ attention span is less, but the actual truth is they observe, hear and keep everything around, which happens in and around the environment. That’s one big reason to talk in a disciplined manner in front of kids. Once the child listens to the story, we can ask them to narrate if we want to discuss further and continue the conversation. 

3.Mental aptitude game for kids

We can let the child do logical thinking mentally without using any paper and pen. We can do activities such as Mental math, verbal reasoning, etc. For example, We can narrate a paragraph or few lines and ask a simple question on the same.

   Lion and tiger went to the river. Lion drinks water, and both of them return to their place. After this ask them few questions- Who drank water etc. Such kind of activities helps them to develop auditory skill and boost their brain. 

4.Listen and complete the activity.

Prepare more interactive activities where conversation happens more than actual working. We have played this game by taking turns. 

Pic-1 Here I have pasted few stickers and asked her to point out a sticker by giving some clues. For example Ask the child to place red color sticker in the block which has 3 triangles. So child has to listen and act as per the instruction .

In the same way we can give any instruction as per our choice and let the child finish it. 

Pic 2: Here i have pasted stickers in different pattern, where i ask her to find the box which has half blue, half violet and full yellow sticker. The child has to search the exact box and point out . It is a great visual stimulation and listening skill in kids

Listening skill development in kids

Take turns and ask the child to provide us with a clue . We can find it as per the clue. We love this game and do it very often. I don’t have any idea to have turns, it’s her who wants me to find the answer as per her clue, and it works like a charm. 

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5.Verbal treasure hunt activity for kids

We all well aware of treasure hunts, where we need to find things based upon the given clue. The same rules apply here. Instead of written clues, we will give verbal clues, and the child has to listen and act accordingly. We can ask the child to collect all the blue color items inside the house. They have to listen us, keep in mind and act accordingly. 

6.Complete the story

Narrate a story to the children without the ending part. Ask the child to come up with their ending for the particular story. In this way, they listen to the story and helps them with auditory development, language development, and imaginary skills. 

7.Listening while traveling

Traveling is a best friend for all kinds of skill development. We don’t have to be so cautious, but we can casually talk about various sounds they hear during the travel time. We can speak of any conversation, different voices too. 

8.Could you repeat after me?

Utter any sentence, rhyming words, etc., and ask the child to repeat the same. We can convey any mixture of confusing words and let them repeat. For example- Say aloud Bat, Mat, Sat, and let them repeat it. For the next time, change the sequence to Mat, Sat, Bat, etc. 

9.Listen to sound in the audio version.

Let the child hear various known voices (Friends, families, etc.), animal sounds, vehicle sounds through any audio device. Ask them to find the voice/noise which belongs to the corresponding name. This helps to develop the listening skill in a significant way. 

10.Take turns in a story

Start a story and take turns for each sentence. If the parent says the first line, they can take over and continue the second line and take turns. 

11.Draw pictures with the given instruction

Have some instruction and ask the child to draw a relevant picture for the same. For example, Ask the child to draw a red color house, and we can extend it further for many scenarios. 

Scenario-1: Father, mother, brother, and sister took the car and went to the grocery shop to buy apples. 


Listening is an essential sensory skill, and it is highly advisable to develop the skill with continuous practice. Hearing is entirely different from listening; it refers to being both mentally and physically in the present moment. Developing the skills during early childhood helps the child throughout their life.

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